Luxury Tea Gift Set
Trio Tea Canisters


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Three exceptional and premium Formosa teas. This warm gift box is a perfect match for your sincere blessing on every important occasion. From floral, sweet to mellow, the impressive and delicate tastes will always deliver your deep and best wishes.

|What’s Included|

◎ Seasonal Selection Teas
・Pear Delicate Lishan Oolong 50g + Canister (White)
・Oriental Beauty Oolong 35g + Canister (Yellow)
・Mint Ruby Black Tea 40g + Canister (Orange)

◎ Elegant Gift Box / Peach

Classy, neat, and reusable. Surprisingly beautiful patterns inside, only the gift receiver will see. Perfectly stands for your thoughtful greetings.

◎ Exclusive Canister
Great craftsmanship, a silky smooth feeling while opening. Protects your tea leaves from light and humidity and keeps them fresh. Ideal for tea lovers, its elegant design also adorns your places.

※ All Wolf Tea gift sets come with a paper gift bag and brewing instruction

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