Relaxing Kungfu Gaiwan Tea Set


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A handy teaware can be served as a profound blessing to loved one. Wolf Tea Relaxing Kungfu Gaiwan — a piece made from porcelain, decorated with a modern painting of a smiley wolf surfing with tea leaves!

|What’s Included|

◎ Relaxing Kungfu Gaiwan

Wolf Tea considers “gaiwan” the perfect teaware for enjoying whole leaf teas. Wolf Tea Gaiwan is exclusively made and tested. With a lid that has a clear curve and a bowl that is slightly larger than a typical gaiwan bowl. It is comfortably to be hold in hand, easy to clean and store. Wolf Tea Gaiwan is perfect for everyday at home, at work or even in travel.

\ 3 ways /
① Sniff: Lift the lid and gently sniff the mountain-chi and aromas of your tea
② Brew: Use it as a teapot and pour your tea into any cup
③ Sip: Sip your tea right from the bowl

Volume: 5.1 oz / 150 ml
Material: Porcelain
Heat resistance: 1472°F / 800°C

◎ Gaiwan Gift Set

・Relaxing Kungfu Gaiwan x 1
・Pear Delicate Lishan Oolong 50g + Canister (White)
・Elegant Gift Box : Peach or Misty Blue

※ Package includes a how-to guide to master gaiwan.
※ Choose the color of gift box as you like.
※ All Wolf Tea gift sets come with a paper gift bag and brewing instruction