Biluochun Green Tea
Sweet Bean / Umami Finish


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◎ Notes:Seaweed, Beans with a Vegetal Flavor

It fills your mouth with a thick sweet bean taste. Close your eyes after drinking this tea. You might see a green landscape scenery of a garden covered with astonishing vegetation in your head.

Most people never heard of “Biluochun,” while we are obsessed with its refreshing qualities. Even with a gradual decline in yields, we proudly bring you this superior and limited Taiwanese green tea.

Made by an experienced tea master who has spent over 30 years of dedication to making the finest green tea and persisted in small-batch natural farming. The shiny dark green pekoe produces a fresh sweet bean flavor that differentiates it from oolong’s flowery taste —— “Biluochun Green Tea” is all about dedicated focus.

◎ Biluochun Green Tea|Brewing Tips ◎

This tea leaves contain lots of tender pekoe, use lower water temperature to ensure the rounded and soft mouthfeel.

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