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Wolf Tea – One Chance In a Lifetime

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Wolf Tea was founded in 2013 by three lovers of Taiwanese tea. We believe Taiwan has the best tea in the world because of the climate and great tea makers. Our goal is re-introduce Taiwanese tea to our generation by making it modern, fun, and approachable. Hope everybody can enjoy the pure and rich tastes of Taiwanese tea in daily lives.


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Tea blending is exactly what we don’t do; each of our offering is a single-day-harvest, single-batch-creation of its maker. Each harvest of tea is unique in flavor, affected by climate and plantation, and we think it should be kept that way. We visit the plantations every season and taste-test every batch of tea. We want to share the ever-changing experience of tea tasting, and carefully evaluate each sip. In a way, each taste of tea is “one chance in a lifetime,” because there is none other exactly the same.


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Our tea selection is representative of the Taiwanese tea spectrum;for example, high-mountain oolong, oriental beauty, iron goddess (tieguanyin), longjing (type of green tea). We also offer whole-leaf black tea which is not a traditional Taiwanese tea; The making of it is an exciting developing practice amongst the tea makers here, where each artisan continuously refines their techniques and tries to best himself and each other every season.


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If you are the first time visiting our shop, here are some guides about what to purchase. Our “Milky Black Tea" is the most popular offering among our audience; It has a milk-like flavor that is a signature of the specie of the tea tree. The “Fruity Iron Goddess" is remarkable for its fruity, roasty aroma that swarms your nostrils. Last but not least, the “Wild-scented Oolong" represents what fine Taiwanese oolong tea should be; It fills your throat and nose with a warm and pleasant feeling that weI believe humans haven’t invented words for.

Visit our Etsy Shop

Specialized in: Taiwanese oolong, high mountain tea, tea gifts, worldwide orders, wholesale.

Contact: hello@wolftea.com  / +886 970-844-235 / online customer support /

Tea Shop: No.23, Aly. 8, Ln. 36, Sec. 5, Minsheng E. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan / Opening hr: Mon-Sun 1PM~7PM 

Wolf Tea is featured by:

Brutus “New Wave of Tea" (2017 Mar, No.842) as representative tea brand in Taiwan

Monocle (2015 Feb, vol. 80) as one of their favourite inventory.