Wolves Teacups Gift Set
Misty Blue Box


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Good things come in pairs!

Wolf Tea’s most adorable and exceptional teaware – Wolves Pair Teacups. Presented with our high mountain oolong. Let the lovely wolves speak your heartwarming greeting. Accompany your loved ones immersing in floral aroma every day.

|What’s Included|

◎ Exceptional Wolves Pair Teacups

Exquisite blue-and-white painting on porcelain are designed by artist ZISHI. Two vivid wolves represent a cozy, mindful, and pleasant lifestyle. One relaxing in the breeze and another looking forward to the bright future, they are perfect companions for wonderful tealife.

◎ a) Oolong Set : Seasonal Selection Tea
Rhythmic Oolong 50g + Canister (Yellow)

◎ b) Green & Red Set : Seasonal Selection Teas
・Milky Oolong Black Tea 50g
・Wild Scented Oolong 50g

◎ Elegant Gift Box / Misty Blue

Classy, neat, and reusable. Surprisingly beautiful patterns inside, only the gift receiver will see. Perfectly stands for your thoughtful greetings.

※ All Wolf Tea gift sets come with a paper gift bag and brewing instruction