Wolf Tea Exclusive Canister
Pink / Tea Collection


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Wolf Tea Exclusive Canisters are covered with bright and delightful colors, which represent vary tea spectrum. Great craftsmanship, a silky smooth feeling while opening. Protects your tea leaves from light and humidity and keeps them fresh. Ideal for tea lovers, its elegant design also adorns your places.

|Special Collection : Seasonal Tea + Canister|

◎ Canister (Pink) + Mint Ruby Black Tea
Famous for its natural mint and cinnamon aromas and a caramel sweet taste.

◎ Canister (Pink) + Honey Scented Black Tea
Contributed by leafhoppers’ bites, the tea leaves contain lots of bitten orange pekoes which transform to a ripe tropical fruit / peach aroma.

◎ Canister (Pink) + Formosa Assam Black Tea
It’s born for making perfect cups of milk tea! It brings mellow, sweet, and malty flavor into milk and also can be enjoyed solo.

※ Blessing tag card and brewing instruction leaflet are included.

|Canister Dimension|
12 cm / 4.7 inch high
8 cm / 3.1 inch diameter