Wolf Tea Exclusive Canister
Orange / Tea Collection


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Wolf Tea Exclusive Canisters are covered with bright and delightful colors, which represent vary tea spectrum. Great craftsmanship, a silky smooth feeling while opening. Protects your tea leaves from light and humidity and keeps them fresh. Ideal for tea lovers, its elegant design also adorns your places.

|Special Collection : Seasonal Tea + Canister|

◎ Canister (Orange) + Milky Oolong Black Tea
Wolf Tea signature Jin Xuan black tea yields natural milk fragrance and a subtle creamy taste.

◎ Canister (Orange) + Oolong Black Tea
Is this oolong or black tea .. It’s both! It preserves the oolong aftertaste and mix with black tea front aroma – sugar and fruity.

◎ Canister (Orange) + Fruity Iron Goddess Oolong
Heavily roasted and processed over 20 steps, it produces roasted nut aromas and a subtle hint of ripe fruit taste.

◎ Canister (Orange) + Dong Ding Oolong
The traditional charcoal roasting embeds smooth and warm charcoal flavors in the front and also has the rich complexity of sweet and chocolate

※ Blessing tag card and brewing instruction leaflet are included.

|Canister Dimension|
12 cm / 4.7 inch high
8 cm / 3.1 inch diameter