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“May this tea favor embrace you with happiness. Thank you for celebrating the special day with us.”

◎ Wedding greeting cards come with 3 designs! The elegant, dove gray packet is printed with a rose gold knot.
◎ Each packet consists of 2 single origin tea bags.
◎ Includes instructions on making cold and hot brew tea

|Greeting Card Designs | Choose the design|

Design A — Flowers
Design B — The “Double Happiness” Chinese character
Design C — A pair of wild geese

*All greeting cards are printed with “THANK YOU”

・Replace “THANK YOU” with the newlyweds’ “names” or other greetings
・Minimum order of 100 packets. Please ask us for the quotation

|Seasonal Teas | Choose 2 teas|

◎ Orchid Pouchong Oolong / Refreshing floral aroma
◎ Faintly Roasted Oolong / Floral sweet aftertaste
◎ Mint Ruby Black Tea / Cinnamon-like flavour
◎ Milky Oolong Black Tea / Milky Creamy flavour

|Packet Dimensions|
12 x 10 x 4 cm (Height x Width x Thickness)

・ Minimum order: 30 packets
・ Please reserve at least 1 week to prepare your order.
・ Please specify your teas and greeting cards in the order note.
・ Any special requests, quotation for large amount, or questions, feel free to ask us!

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