Mint Ruby Black Tea
Ideal for All : Hot / Cold / Milk


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◎ Notes:Mint, Cinnamon and Caramel

The Mint Ruby Black Tea is made from an exclusive hybrid cultivar of Taiwanese high mountain tea and Burmese Assam!

Mint Ruby Black Tea small-lots grown in Pinglin, Taiwan. This revolutionary new cultivar is famous for its natural cinnamon and mint scent. At the same time, the tea liquor is bright and clear, shining in a tinted orange caramel. Unlike the solid malty aroma from a typical Assam, the Mint Ruby Black Tea features a much more refreshing and syrupy taste with an elegant character.

The tea is ideal for steeping, cold brewing and also made as milk tea. If you are looking for a fresh experience of black tea, the Mint Ruby Black Tea is your perfect discovery!

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