Loose Leaf Teapot
Treasure Teapot|Topaz Sparrow


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“Nurture your favorite teapot and let it serve your beloved ones.”

A teaware designed for exploring the diverse beauty of whole leave finest tea world — Wolf Tea proudly present you the ideal teapot!

With exquisite design, capacity and advanced glazing techniques, Treasure Teapot is perfectly made to bring out the finest quality of every drop of tea; the emerald turtle and topaz sparrow jade-like colors and patterns express the elegant and relaxing attitude towards life. It will be your best tea companion and fill your time with endless sweetness.

◎ Wolf Tea Original|Treasure Teapot ◎

① Exquisite Design
・Round teapot body for fully expanding tea leaves
・Dripless spout — say goodbye to annoying dribbles
・Heatproof tall lid knob

② Glazed Porcelain
・Bluish white celadon — extract the delicate tea aroma
・Premium craftsmanship — “glossy” glaze color

③ One-Hand Gripping
・Moderate capacity of 220 ml
・4~5 grams of tea leaves / Adjust to your liking
・Easy to use and clean — suitable for all tea types

※ This product item is “Topaz Sparrow / Yellow”
※ Handmade glazing technique – the color of every piece is unique and slightly different
※ Special greeting card and storage gift box are included.