Pear Delicate Oolong|Lishan
Velvety texture / Cold Mineral


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◎ Notes:Orchid, Muskmelon and Pear
◎ №339:2024 Spring|Lishan 梨山, Nantou

Tea plantations peaking over 1900 meters above sea level are exposed to sunlight in the morning then covered by mist for the rest of the day. Lishan (Pear Mountain) is the highest tea plantation site in Taiwan and is known for its high-quality oolong. With a significant temperature difference between day and night, the tea leaves grow slowly and thicker, producing more flavor.

This blessed environment brings out the incredible taste – subtle, silky, and well-rounded, as well as a lingering flowery aftertaste. You may find the flavor lighter for the first time drinking, but the layers would eventually come along to reveal depth.

A tasting experience with complexity and texture is exactly what veteran tea connoisseurs genuinely appreciate. The Pear Delicate Oolong boasts a cold stony composition, a mineral fragrance, and incomparable velvety texture – reminiscent of a veiled high mountain wreathed in the cool air and soft clouds.

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