Fruity Iron Goddess Oolong
Nutty / Sophisticated Retro Style


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◎ Notes:Almond, Apricot with a Smoky Nuance

The Iron Goddess Oolong has been known as a traditional oolong tea. Besides die-hard tea lovers, the younger generation is also starting to embrace it. Thanks to retro trends and the appreciation of old-school culture.

Iron Goddess Oolong has become more and more popular among younger tea connoisseurs in recent years. With more than 20 roasting procedures, Wolf Tea’s organic Fruity Iron Goddess Oolong is famous for the nutty complexities and surprising fruity flavors, which releases naturally through your sense.

The steeping method is highly recommended. You would be amazed by how quickly the room is getting filled with the aroma when boiled water hits the curly tea leaves. Those who enjoy dark roast coffee may feel familiar with and love this tea. It is also an excellent choice for making milk tea.

◎ Fruity Iron Goddess Oolong|Brewing Tips ◎

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