Honey Scented Black Tea
Lychee / Tropical Intensity


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◎ Notes:Lychee, Peach and Rose

Get ready for a pure single-origin black tea with natural and tropical fruity flavors!

Our Honey Scented Black Tea is sourced from the east coast of Taiwan. Thanks to the leafhoppers’ bites, the tea leaves are known for their many bitten orange pekoes that produce a ripe peach aroma as they’re highly solar oxidized. While a slightly roasted version gives this tea another layer of a warmer character, it can be enjoyed in multiple ways.

Drinking it straight-up is recommended for taking in the complexity and intensity. If you are a milk tea lover, don’t hesitate to make it into milk tea – you’ll be surprised and fascinated by the sumptuous texture. Our fellow coffee lovers have turned out to enjoy this fruity black tea very much.

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