Formosa Assam Black Tea
Malty / Perfect for Milk Tea


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◎ Notes:Sweet Malt and Biscuit

The Formosa Assam Black Tea is perfect for making milk tea. It features a mellow, sweet, and malty flavor.

It’s rare to see Assam teas grown in Taiwan. While it’s scarce, we’ve searched across the island to find the best. The Assam teas we source from were planted more than a hundred years ago and provide a unique flavor compared to Assam teas in India. The climate of tropical area in Taiwan gives the tea a considerable advantage of the growth and enhances the fermentation process.

Each batch goes through an aging process for more than six months. The process eliminates the astringency and gives a riper, sweeter, and rounder taste.

If you’re a milk tea lover, this will be your favorite. The Formosa Assam mixes with milk well and brings out the best of a warm, soothing beverage.

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