Dayuling Oolong|Dayuling 2400m
Highest Tea Plantation In the World


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◎ Notes:Fragrant Mist, Woody Scent and Perfume
◎ №278:2023 Winter|Dayuling 大禹嶺, Nantou

For Taiwanese tea experts, Dayuling has always been the sacred destination for one reason – it houses the rarest tea grown at an altitude of 2400 meters above sea level.

Our Dayuling Oolong carries a chilled mountain aroma and sophisticated sweetness. The most incredible characteristic of this tea is its extraordinarily smooth taste and unique woody flavor. It’s like tasting perfume that never turns bitter.

Dayuling Oolong represents the top quality of Oolong tea while it’s extremely limited and memorable. Wolf Tea proudly brings this precious treasure to you every year and hopes it becomes one of your most cherished tasting memories.

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