Rhythmic Oolong|Alishan
Sweet Pea / Lingering Aftertaste


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◎ Notes:Sweet Pea and Gardenia
◎ №259:2023 Winter|Alishan 阿里山, Chiayi

The Rhythmic Oolong is known for its lingering aftertaste that lasts with a succession of solid and light flavors.

The Alishan oolong that we sourced well deserves the name of it. Our Rhythmic Oolong is a premium selection in the Alishan oolong tea family. The tea master behind it possesses sophisticated tea processing skills.

The key to a rhythmic experience is robust oxidation that brings out a thicker flowery aroma and pleasing aftertaste. The depth and richness of the Rhythmic Oolong are indeed a treasure for tea connoisseurs.

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