How to Make Cold brew Tea


The Benefits of Cold Brew Tea

  • Natural sweetness with less astringent

Longer steeping with lower temperature, tea tastes much sweeter and less stimulation without bitterness or astringency.

  • Low in caffeine

Low temperatures make tea leaves release fewer tannins & caffeine comparing to a hot infusion tea or coffee. It may be another choice for those people with caffeine sensitivity.

  • Easy to Make

Cold brew tea is known as “lazy man’s tea”. All you need is a bottle, water, and the tip of the ratio. Simply put tea leaves and cold water in a covered bottle and let it turn into a refreshing elixir. You never fail!

How to Make Cold brew Tea?

A bottle or glass jar with a lid
Tea Leaves in loose tea or tea bags
A strainer 

Step 1:Put in tea leaves. The golden ratio: 1g of tea leaves per 100ml of water

Easy way to measure tea leaves
・For tightly curled tea leaves, loosely cover the bottom of the teapot/cup with one layer.
・For dried loose tea leaves, cover the bottom of the teapot/cup with roughly two layers
・For tea bag, 1 tea bag: 300-500ml water

Step 2:Fill the cold drinking water. Close the cap to avoid the tea from absorbing other smells

Step 3: Sit at room temperature for 2 hrs first and then move to the refrigerator for at least 6 hrs

*The advanced tip in step 3 is to make the flavor release better and faster at room temperature. It is also fine to directly move the bottle to the refrigerator after step2 and have longer hrs

It’s Done!

・Use strainer to get crystal clear cold brew tea 
・Please store in the refrigerator and finish it within 3 days

Isn’t it quite simple? For people who pursuit of high-quality cold brew tea, whole leaf tea is always the preferred choice because its large whole leaves produce richer flavors as they unfurl in the water. Wolf Tea present you Cold Brew Tea Collection provide you specialty tea choices and hope you enjoy the wonderful cold brew tea.

Cold Brew Tea Collection

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